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  1. So glad it can come to use : ) I thought of you and figured you deserve it ; )
  2. Just wanted to say Thanks so much for all the wonderful stuff you gave me (and the family!). You are truly an amazing person and I hope wonderful things for you. Your son was so helpful too =) Everything is very much appreciated!
  3. awww what a cute pic of your little one
  4. went tp gp ;eave ypu feedback and noticed we were not friends I thought we were lo oh well blame it on old age so I sent a request lol
  5. lmao lol
  6. chicken lol lol lol
  7. LOLOLOLOL! I edited my post. I don't want new people to think I'm mean, lol.
  8. Thanks! I finished my Stouffers redemption with that Free offer
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