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  1. That is good I am glad I had a hoot buying for brothers refuse to get married : ( lol
  2. Gosh don't feel bad. Oh ya, we used the outfits a lot. He's still wearing 1 sleeper actually. Winter has set in here so we aren't wearing the summer stuff anymore.
  3. I feel bad for not asking soner : ( I am just all over the place latley Hope all the outfits were made of good us. Should be fun at Christmas
  4. Babe is good. Thanks for asking. He's a horrible sleeper though. Just when I think I've got this parenting thing down, along comes a kid who makes me throw out the book and start all over again! LOL He's already doing an army type crawl. I figure he thinks he needs to crawl in order to escape his sisters who torment him!
  5. oh I wish I want to move far far away and I pretty sure your far way ; ) lol How is the baby?
  6. waiting in suspense lol
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh open it open it!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooo Excited!!!!
  8. Guess what was just delivered????? (Yes we sometimes get parcel delivery on Saturdays if the Friday mail was late getting in!) So excited to open it.........
  9. hehehe I can't wait for you to get so excited lol
  10. ACK! I was just saying to my son that since the parcels delivery guy is usually here by now it means I am going to have to wait until at least Monday! You big tease!
  11. ~~your package is in Edmonton~~tease for the day ; )
  12. thanks for the rep : )
  13. LOL I am having a 30,000 posting party but REALLY slow
  14. naw I just know life is too short to be greedy lol
  15. You are just too awesome for words!
  16. Hey I will do a reg train if you join
  17. lol oh ok well thats a first being cute lol
  18. You are too cute with your envelope full of coupons contest!
  19. huh?
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