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  1. Happy Christmas Kim!!
    Hope you didn't eat TOO much (I think i did!!)- and are having
    a great time with your peeps!
    Best wishes for the New Year!!
  2. Miss chit-chatting to you and putting the world back in it's place....and drooling over the odd fireman....or two,lol!!
  3. thinking of you
  4. Happy Easter Kim (love the way the bunnies noses twitch...cute!!)
  5. Happy Valentine's K
    Looks like dh forgot - thats ok cos i didn't bother getting him anything either,lol!!
    My kids remembered - even ds - though maybe it was because he saw me buy chocloate
  6. EEKKK!! Not ready for a New Year!
    Am i supposed to come up with a resolution that i scrap after a week?????!!
    Or some "life goal"...another fail?!!LOL!

    Oh well - Here's hoping that 2013 brings you (and the kidlets!) health, wealth and ,of course, much happiness
  7. Hello Honey-bunny...Costco lovers unite!!!!
  8. Boo to you too!!
  9. boo
  10. I think i missed you!!
    Feel better soon....
  11. This Sinus Cold Is driving me nutty I am here and there but can't see very well lol
  12. I'm attempting to stalk you.....where are you??!!
  13. there was a plurel there were two and some .50 of jam and other fun stuff I am so mad with CP latley
  14. Triscuit FPC !!!!...omgoodness, please, please just let them be really slow and not have run away with it!
    Fingers crossed it still comes!!
  15. Maybe the maill is likin us....have you received mine? I had FPC Triscuits in there : ( WTH??????????????
  16. "Sigh"...Do you reckon another of my envies has gone missing on its way to you??
    At least one of the coupins expires middle of the month - darn cp!
  17. are you stalking me lmao......I have been wanting a change for a while we will see what the wind brings me lol there is no ties for me in Hamilton expect the kids dad which the really never see
  18. Whats this??!! You'Re thinking of moving??You're going to give me your address if you do move ...aren't you?
  19. Stalking!!!
  20. Usually dh does it but i've been waiting over 10 yrs to change the colour and we kept putting it off and putting it off...finally figured i was going to give it a go,lol. Got to re-chaulk bathroom at the weekend - for some reason dh "allows" me to do that. Little does he know i then want to re-paint the kitchen cabinets after that...muwhahaha....i really shouldn't read the diy thread it gives me too many ideas,lol
  21. wow good for you!!!! I am never nervy enough to paint lol Nothing new here same old same old lol
  22. I've been busy painting my living room,lol...on my own. Am tired and sore(well i fell off the ladder oh and trapped my thumbs in the darn thing,lol) but at least it looks better in here. DD and i are going shopping at the weekend - need slipcover for loveseat cos that thing is Y-U-C-K-Y!!Woof was majorly freaked out by all the mess...lots of squeaking/crying going on - she's worse than a baby,lol
  23. Hey friend I thought you forgot about me Miss you and chatting with you!!
  24. Hey sweetie - what's happening in your world at the mo.?
  25. Hey friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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