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  1. Hi Mama! I'm still here, just quiet. I turned 3 last month Life is busy, but good! I hope you are well and scoring some decent trades to help your family out!
  2. Stressing over Christmas is an understatement lol It seems no matter how you try to get ahead it never works......Kayla really needs braces which I can't afford but her jaw is out of sorts so it needs to be done and the lovley goverment thinks that because Andrew is 18 that he is ready to go in the world and my Child Tax is now done which is almost 400 a month yikes lol lol
  3. I take forever to respond, it seems. The pages load so slowly. Hope you are well and not stressing over Christmas!
  4. what am I waiting forr?lol another couple months then I will know???lol
  5. Ugh, it feels like I haven't talked to you in months! Wait...
  6. LOL I am running away to join the circus lol had enough and now you tell me a cutey is two so now I feel old : (

    Happy Birthday!!
  7. I hope your 'mood' is short lived Miss our chats - we haven't passed paths in a long while. OH, today is my 2nd SC birthday...your baby is a toddler now!
  8. Thanks Kim! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
  9. Well at least I am good for something!!!lol I hope for all the best for you and your family in the New Year!
  10. If not for you, who would write on my wall?! Happy New Year, my friend. May it be a year full of good things, good people, and good times.
  11. Glad you were ok with it lol First I debated wether to post then I debated wether it was ok to annouce his name or wether I should let you lol Didn't want to step on any toes but was so excited for you and your family. I will always be in your corner wether your on here alot or not! Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  12. Thanks for the congratulations post! I haven't had much time to be on SC so it escaped my mind to post his birth announcement. I gave you a little post love there too You are dear to me, thank you so much for being in my corner. May you be blessed this Christmas season.
  13. Hope you don't mind(at least if you yell I won't hear you very much lol)
  14. You are a wonderful friend - thank you so much for the lovely RAOK and the Christmas card. It was really thoughtful and kind of you to take time out of your day for my family. I know I've been a little absent lately, but it sure felt good to know that I wasn't forgotten. Take care my friend, and have a wonderful Christmas season!
  15. Thats ok I have been out of the loop too just sitting here trying to organize my heap lol
  16. Kim - thank so much for the kind wall post I hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving. I've been out of touch lately and really, not trading much at all. This must stop Take care and thanks for your friendship!
  17. I HATE laundry Not looking forward to back to school one of those crazys that like my kids home lol
  18. I "BEE" tired of LAUNDRY! How are ya? Dying for school to be back in yet
  19. HI so nice to see you I was going to send out the search and rescue for you soon each time I think of posting something happens which with 4 I am sure you understand...I thought when their teens they help themselves????
  20. She is/was a great person
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