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  1. No worries Melissa no one remembered on SC lol your the first one to say anything thanks
  2. Ack!!!!!!!!! Sooooo sorry! I worked on Saturday and knew I forgot to do something!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
  3. thankyou
  4. Hello Back!!!!! Thanks needed something to pick me up : )
  5. yes I am talking about you
  6. Thanks Melissa : ) Here is some cake for you!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the cute Valentine's wishes

  8. Awwww thanks Melissa that made my day Your a great friend
  9. well there is too many different schdules around here so be nice to have them if I am home alone or something
  10. They weren't too bad of a price. I think $3.49? So with the $1 off pretty good. Haven't tried them before but I know what you're talking about. I love mashed potatoes.
  11. That would be awesome have yet to see them here but hopefully will soon I am a huge potato addict and love this company but tad bit expensive thanks Melissa : )
  12. Hi. I'll set a few of those potato coupons aside for you if you buy that kind. Let me know.
  13. LOL thanks for the rep Everything went wrong as usual last night the .50 an hour when closing does not seem worth it somedays lol but I figure it will look good on the resume
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