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  1. Well that is PITA hope everything works out for you! Reamber the people that matter support you ; )
  2. i cant give reps, I can recieve them. I dont even have a spot for them. My inbox is set to 0 so I cant even do anything.
  3. I removed some graphics, maybe that is the issue, try now.
  4. I meant to ask earlier but forgot I noticed it on the weekend I beleive name didn't sound familiar That lady sounds like she needs a life! I missed whatever drama unfolded on the weekend thank god lol
  5. I dont know. I removed him until boo can confirm. With this troll everywhere cant be careful enough. This troll went as far as threatening me saying shell be watching my every move etc.
  6. OK np I couldn't find it on Alberto Wall maybe it was deleted or I am blind who is the new guy for adminster?
  7. Watch for spam on our facebook page, that crazy lady has over 10 facebook accounts and counting. I feel sorry for her and hopes she gets the medical help she needs.
  8. Nie page, you'll have to talk to Boo not me. I've been dealing with aat home issues.
  9. thanks sally
  10. You were in Toronto and Didn't wave : ( lol
    here is the tea room moved one
    this is the deleted one
  11. Hmmn, I have 0 idea. I wasn't around this weekend, was in Toronto.
  12. ok whats happening to some of the threads around here lol one of my threads got deleted everyone was behaving didn't say by who then a thread that was revived from 2010 from the tea room somehow is now in the shopping disscusion odd
  13. After seeing all the fun you had last night thought I would pop in and say thanks for all your hard work on SC!!!
  14. Hello I can't get into Candyland lol I posted in things I don't like SC what the error message is! Maybe I didn't pay my dues?????lol
  15. No it isn't ok!!!lol Had people for too many years tell me who to be friends with on here and feel like I missed out!
  16. Its ok
  17. hey pmed u not u silly
  18. crap should of pmed that....
  19. was that commen for her or me lol
  20. P M I N G

  21. thought you might like them ; )
  22. haha cute
  23. Saw some smiles you might like

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