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  1. Hi Friend thanks for dropping by!
  2. Just dropping in to say Hi! I havent talked to you for a while
  3. Just read about your dad Kim! Hope things get better soon You'll have to PM me your new mailing info when things get settled so I can update my addy book
  4. Thanks so much for the Halloween Wish's

  5. Happy Halloween!
  6. Thanks for the Birthday Card and Coupons I LOVE it!!!
  7. hey none of your pics showed up I have been busy, sick blah blah lol Hope all is well

  8. Havent talked to you in it feels like forever!
  9. oh I am excited thanks : )
  10. I reread it after i sent you the rep apology and realized it wasnt me you were talking about. Oh well free rep for you
  11. thought I was maybe wrong but you didn't mess up somebody messed up on yours lol reread it lol
  12. lol np you always rock in vwt it is a little overwhelming with that many people
  13. Received it last night ; )
  14. thanks for the rep : )
  15. Hope you have a great Birthday!!!!!!!

  16. Then you get my point lol Thanks about the Christmas pic I have changed it a few time I am very bad a making deccisions lol
  17. The feeling is mutual. I have a 13yr old here. I just used up my last 3 FPC's at RCSS this weekend while it was no tax day and was going to put them in my shelter stash. i think Im may have to keep them now!

    BTW the the Christmas pic!
  18. darn them lol I have a teen daughter and beleive me we can never keep enough here!!! Thanks for the update
  19. Ive got the stayfree link up but the pads are not there!
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