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  1. Hey Good morning How's the hand? Hope it heals quick and you have a Great Weekend
  2. Wishing you and your's a very " Merry Christmas" and all the very best in " 2012 "
  3. Hope you are having a Wonderful Thanksgiving my friend. All the very best.
  4. thanks for the roak
  5. Awwwww.......What a cute picture. Thankyou. Happy Monday to you my friend
  6. That would be awesome thanks
  7. Hi Just getting a envie ready for you and wondered if you wanted a couple of the .50 Clorex wipes. Thanks
  8. Hey What do you mean your sorry? Those coupons are perfect. That is exactly what I was looking for.
    Thanks again Kim.
  9. Sorry I didn't have alot from your wishlist : (
  10. Hi Kim Recieved your envie today. Thanks very much. The coupons are great. Now to find a sale on Purex
  11. Sent you an envie today keep eyes peeled
  12. hehe see I am useful for something now I am not 100% I will get it lol if I do there yours lol
  13. Hi Thanks I will have to go check I think someone posted they found some at Sobeys.
    Yes, you are right it is a new one. Thanks for letting me know
  14. well I wouldn't trade them to you I would give them to you but I have none lol Isn't that the new one we can order from If so will order x3 for ya!
  15. Hi Kim Just wondering if you have any of the Purex with Zout 3.00 coupons for trade? Thanks
  16. Happy Pancake Day to you. That's what I'm having for Supper. Yum...Yum...
  17. Morning Kim Thought I would stop by to say Hi. Have a Great day.
  18. Awwwww ..... Happy Valentines Day to you. Have a great day and thanks for the cute message.
  19. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. You Lucky Ducky. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Just thought I would say Hi.
  22. Minus 26 with wind chill eeks. Figures my mom leaves me with two dogs when it is really cold out!!!!! Hope she is having fun in Flordia lol.
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