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  1. It means a lot!!! I was kind of stalking the train earlier
  2. Glad to see you aboard thought I would give you a personal invite jst so you know your more then welcome to hop on : )
  3. I joined, thank you so much!!!
  4. Hi Thought I would let you know I have a train going on if you want to hop on!
  5. That's comforting, anyway. I will make it up to you, I promise.
  6. I don't hate you I am just sad at things that have come about not trying to sound petty but to name a few things, never received anything for insanes shower and spotted you because thought something might be coming, never received my prize during one of your trains....just frustrating I realize you are going through alot but so am I. But hate is a very strong word just sad
  7. Hey have you received my Bday train yet from $$avingmom?
  8. Hi stranger glad your still thinking of us, been busy with work. Nothing new lol
  9. Hi you! Just popping in to say hey Miss ya! School is going well, I'm enjoying it more than I ever thought I would lol. I can't believe how busy I am now!! But I had to take some time for SC, I'm going through withdrawal! So how are things with you? What's new and exciting?
  10. Thanks for bumping my trade list! I've been so busy I barely have time to do anything lol
  11. you better be scared lol
  12. LOL I repped her about a comment she made in the "what don't you like about SC thread". And I am SO in on your train! Would you believe me if I told you I had the exact same idea over the past week or so? Great minds huh? :p LOVE it!

    And I'm so glad you liked your package, I wanted to send more!
  13. what is jays grinning about? lol
  14. Thanks my friend! I hope you have a great day too!
  15. Thats ok I still love ya
  16. Crap, I just traded 3 $5 Prime portions Wish I'd noticed earlier you were looking for them!
  17. Par...tay! It's not a party until my KK7 joins in the fun! Come on girl, I need all my favorite peeps
  18. Lol
  19. Oooh, warm and fuzzy
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