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  1. Okay, but I gotta have Rachel McAdams after that. And I mean pre-Michael Sheen Rachel McAdams. I mean, c'mon, man, Kate Beckinsale, fine, but leave some for everybody else. Some dudes are so greedy.
  2. Ok, but on the way there we need to swing by and grab Ryan Reynolds. We'll tie him up for heavy lifting & general slavery. If I'm looking at repopluating the earth it's gonna be a damn fine looking world.
  3. We'd have to get rid of the stockboy she probably has tied to a post out of frame of the picture who rotates the stock regularly when she's not there. I'm no good at digging and bags of lime are really heavy..........
  4. What are you afraid of? What have I missed?
    Damn having to work to afford my coupon habit.
    Don't worry, if tthe worst ever happens we will hide out in Kelly C's basement. I already called dibs.
    It may suck to be her husband & kids very soon.
  5. I am afraid........
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