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  1. Great pic of the good old days KT. your friend looks like he was a fun guy to be around!!! Man, those really were THE days of great music and fun times.......wish they were still here!
  2. so sorry about your lack of heat etc but wishing you the best - at least you have your sister's place!
  3. Hey, how was San Fran in 1969!!! Really happening I'll bet!!! Your lucky to have gone there during that era!!! Wow, must have been a lot different than now!!! I was checking out Yorkville back then!
  4. Season's Greetings - hope you have a great one!
  5. I've had 3 seasons curling, I'm not great either but it's something to do in the winter!

    Good for you doing all that spring cleaning, that's something I need to tackle, lots of stuff in that basement!!!

    Not sure if I wished you a Happy Birthday or not, I was away on the 14th anyways Happy Belated Birthday to you! Have a good day!
  6. This is my forth year curling. I have had no lessons so not a great curler. But a great brusher, if only i could save my own.
  7. ecat- thank you for the Holiday wishes. I hope you and your familly are having a nice Holiday season.
  8. Best wishes to you this holiday season Knottythots!
  9. Thanks Ecat, loved the picture, but what kind of animal is it? Very big Genesis fan. Seen them 25 times and met them a few times in London.
  10. No, that wasn't me although I do like a lot of kitten/cat things! Good guess! Maybe we'll meet at the next Q gathering! There should be one in the summer, they call it the Q Summer Bash and they usually have a few tribute bands playing!
  11. I did see somone with a t-shirt in the area with a kitten on the front. Would that have been you at Jason Bonham?
  12. Thank you ecat444
  13. Thank you ecatt444!
  14. Tthank you, best of luck to you!
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