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  1. merry christmas!

  2. happy easter, knottythots!
  3. Hi Heartgirl, the other is when they inject the radioactive dye and follow it though the system, and it should be in a few weeks. The MRI is in a few months, I had a few and the last on in March for the MS. Not a big fan of Thumper, but get by.
  4. hope you had a great New Year Heartgirl

  5. happy easter!
  6. Hi Heartgirl, yes it works and it was good!
  7. Yea I think its time to retire and sit back on the beach and take it easy. And if it wasn't for the lack of money it would be the perfect plan.
  8. Thanks Heartgirl, have a good day.
  9. a belated happy birthday!
  10. heartgirl - thank you for the Holiday wishes. I hope you and your familly are having a nice Holiday season.

  11. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  12. Thank you Heartgirl.
  13. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Heartgirl. All my best to you and your familly.
  14. Thanks Heartgirl99
  15. Starting to feel better, don't think I needed another 1/2" lift.
  16. Thanks heartgirl!
  17. Hi heartgirl99

    Yes I have tried that in the past and nothing comes up!
  18. ? are you trying to upload a pic from your computer to sc ?
  19. Thank you Heartgirl. What a photo out of my computer?
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