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  1. Up untill Peter Gabreil this year, the last and only other concert i walked out on was Chicago at the CNE bandshell. i was really looking forward to hearing them but the were bad, the booing was so bad you could not hear them. I heard they go better after I left. Hope you get better soon!
  2. I am annoyed. It seems that everything is a money grab these days and I really wanted to see Chicago. Haven't seen them since I was 17... last year....
    Oh well..... at least the Moody Blues tickets were a decent price .... unlike like Ontario place. How are you feeling? ( besides with your hands)?
  3. I signed up last year or late the year before for another Queen show. Did not cost anything at the time.
  4. Hi Mmmme

    Thanks. My weekend was all work but the job allmost done. Hope you did more than just laundry!
  5. A slow week for you? You are fortunate. Do you have your own business?
    Your folks are fortunate that you are good with your hands... and can actually build or level.... etc.... My mom sold the house just before my dad passed away. it would have been too much for her to look after and I am close to 8 hrs away.
    Work has been nuts since coming back from Mexico.... I couild have used another week.... Big plans for the weekend?
  6. Hi Mmmme
    Slow week for me, gearing up for the weekend. Planting and leveling a porch for my parents. How about you!
  7. Hi Mmmme

    I am do well i had a great weekend! I hope your having a good time on your trip. Bring back the sun with you!
  8. Thank you my friend!
    I always take my cordless phone upstairs with me as it is a different number I gave Q... I have yet to win something from them!!! I am always hopeful!!!
    Perhaps it is your turn to win! We shall see!
  9. Good luck to you too Mmmme!
  10. Thank you so much.... I still miss her... as she and I were so close. She worked with me at my side for the last 7 years since I have worked from home!
    I am glad you are doing well!
  11. I,m doing good. So sorry to hear of the lost of your feline friend. I hope your are feeling better!
  12. mmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I love how you feed my imagination.... accidently on purpose ....
    Aren't you 'naughty'
    Is this a hobby or are you in that field of work too?

    BTW, thank you for responding!
  13. Name just seem to fit, the boat before this one was Wet Dreams!
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