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  1. I know its sad...I hope I will win something again! I hope you do too
  2. Hi Kristine Yes! It seems as though anyone who was going to sign up from this site, pretty much has. Even before, I actually ended up getting most of my referrals from another contesting site. But that site has gotten a bit more difficult as well since its the same thing. Everyone who was going to sign up pretty much has!
  3. Hey Monkey
    How are you doing? Are you finding that you are having a harder time getting referrals this time?
  4. Thanks monkey I hopevpu win soon
  5. WOW! Super HUGE Congrats Kristine, I just saw that you won the trip to Vegas on today's draw YAY!!! I'm glad someone from here won!
  6. I was just wondering how many referrals it took for you to win that referral contest? I'm sure I have a very long way to go! I wish i had more friends that were interested in contests!
  7. I hope you win!!! It would be nice to see a fellow sc win!!! I have won a few small things here and there...I would LOVE to win a trip that is my goal for contesting but we will see
  8. Thanks I've only gotten 3 referrals so far, but its nice just to let people know about the site! I do a little bit of contesting but I've yet to win anything really BIG! one day soon hopefully! Good luck in your contests, hopefully I'll see your name as a winner again soon on Today's Draw
  9. Hey Monkey how many referrals do you have for todays draw so far? I hope your getting lots and we both wins some sweet prizes Do you do contests lots?
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