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  1. Haha, yes that is probably me! I actually have two binders with me, one with all non-food items, and one with all food items... That is so cool! (If the cashier was talking about me) I am noticing that they are getting better with coupons!
  2. i think you're famous at walmart! do you go there with a big binder? today when i was getting my campbells soup for free (yay!) the teller told me about a lady that comes in with a big binder of organized coupons. i figured it must be you!
  3. Oooh a vernon couponer!!! Yes I also dislike our RCSS, recently I've started going there again... and they generally seem to be understanding coupons a little better..
  4. i live in vernon too! hi! great deals at RCSS. i don't really like going to that store, always a gong show... but i'll go for those deals!!!
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