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  1. Thanks! Had a great summer. Now to just get through the school start-up and the fall Hope you had a great summer as well. We'll have to have a meet-up @ Timmy's soon.
  2. Hope you've had a wonderful summer!
  3. HEY! Welcome to the valley!! I was wondering if you ever made it here! We receive the inserts a week later than the mainland. Smartsource was in the PENNYWORTH 2 days ago - on Thursday. Next Thursday the Red Plum will have made it to Port, and will be in the AV NEWS. Both of these papers are FREE. We get them delivered, but I also pick up 19 more around town - Walmart & Safeway have hundreds around 4pm. Canadian Tire, Fairway and BuyLow, 7-11 etc have them as well. They're everywhere. Always check to make sure the insert is inside before you race out of the store with an armfull - not all bundles have been stuffed with the insert. Inserts are easy to come by. I'll grab some more for you if I see them. I'm so tired!!! Is SNL on yet? LOL
  4. Hello,

    It's your abbotsford friend, now Port Alberni!! loving it here I was just wondering what local paper the inserts come in? I have yet to find one. And am going thru withdrawal
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