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  1. Thanks for the rep buddy. My summer's going well, but like you I'm finding it too hot and humid. Never thought I'd wish for rain, but I'm going to lose a lot of trees soon without it. You are either a night owl, or you work nights and only post on here from work... I work 12 hour shifts, but don't have internet access at work. Anyway...hope you have a great night..Scott
  2. Hey lime - thanks very much for the rep...hope you have an awesome Sunday as well
  3. Thanks for the rep have a great Friday too....
  4. Thanks for the rep lime! Have a great week...
  5. Thanks for the rep again....hope your Monday is marvelous
  6. Thanks for the rep lime...have a great Thursday
  7. Thanks for the rep! Have a good Monday
  8. Thanks for the have a great Wednesday too
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