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  1. Lime on march 13th a post by you is a word, 'randy' want to know what that word is or how its used in aussie lol its funny ok i will tell now im bored so im looking back at some older post and all the m i a people from y108 done all others now on last one ok, randy in aussie is.. No i want you to ask me ok say how are you i will say randy then you say what you mean your randy something like that ok.. Commom giv a try ok.. For fun.. Oce all the clubs got crap to on excep were all going to on the q site and all be freinds... Cassie
  2. Cassie

  4. Hope you have a great Suday Lime Cassie
  5. THANKS lime for the rep and you have awsome weekend too were goining up to the + side for once in so long high of +2 not much but heck better than the freaking - 27 ARE YOU GETTING MY REP'S AM I DOING THEM RIGH? have sent you a few but I don't know if u get them how do I find out or I am not allowed to?get back to me if you can ok, and when I am here as I clicked on your rep im now at visitor message dont know how I got here lol but how can you get the smilies and and things on this place /part??? ok heres a another rep for you to if you can do it this way too, GREAT JOB YOU'VE have been doing.. I do have a hard time when you post the HSW if I have done them and I like to most times but how you know witch is the 3 letters to use on those long sentance trivia answers, Can you tell me? so WTG there lime TTYS CASSIE
  6. Get Well Soon, Cassie

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