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  1. Hey you! Haven't seen you around lately! Hope everything is great!
  2. Goodnight sweet dreams
  3. We're on Mountain time, it's nearly midnight here. No LD here nor in Whitehorse. But Whitehorse has 2 SDM! It's extremely beautiful here. But friggin' cold right now. It was -48 with windchill the other day. Anyhoo, I'm off to bed! Good Night!
  4. you did, thanks...what time is it there where you are? is it light or dark out? DH and I started watching Gold Rush Alaska, and after seeing how pretty it is in the North have been looking at possibly movie to Dawson Creek or the Yukon somewhere to live in a little log cabin and be self sufficient, lol (no, not to pan gold, haha)not sure if I can though, no LD around, lol
  5. Glad I could help then!
  6. thanks , I did Like it but I assumed maybe they were all out or something, thanks, I'll go back and do this.
  7. It gave instrustions on how to get your FPC if you didn't get it. You've got to have "liked" them and have gone through their facebook page. What you need to do to get it is on the page. I got mine so I'm okay, but TONNES of people didn't get it.
  8. what did it say? The fb page?
  9. thank you for the rep!
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