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  1. R.I.P Nancy...xoxo
  2. thanks you so much for your well wishes
  3. i hope so too i love patty's trains and her threads too so much fun and i always meet new scer's too which is great
  4. awe thats too bad about her Dad...maybe later in the spring then when things settle down for her.
  5. lol we should get after Patty but i know she has her hands full right now her dad is on a waiting list right now for surgary and it could happen at anytime otherwise i'd be all over her
  6. I already miss the skankapalooza thread...we really do need another..maybe we can protest to Patty that the skanks need a new thread to talk skanky in, haha
  7. yes we do i miss that skank train it was the highlite of my life LMAO
  8. we need to start a new skank train again...
  9. lol!
  10. oh believe me i know all about being lazy lol i think i wrote the book on it
    iused know tons of people who leave it up that long
  11. lol, thats okay, i've just been lazy...I actually did leave it up til Valentines one year, that's why i mentioned it....shameful haha!
  12. LOL you sound just like me it's so funny when they get that look on their faces too like oh ya maybe this coupon thing isn't that bad after all until i drag them back out to look for more
  13. lol, my stepson is the same way, he says "oh God, are you ALWAYS going to use coupons for everything?" And I say "well, would you like me to tell you we have no money to go do things on the weekend because we paid full price, or do you want to be able to do things and go places because we saved on the groceries?"...and I always get a "oh, right"...LOL
  14. lol i think my 2 ds are a bit young my oldest who is 10 rolls his eyes when i mention coupons lol but i don't hear him complaing when mommy has all this great food in the house to eat which i used coupons for and of course the treats too
  15. Sometimes the younger ones are those most eager about saving money...I am trying my hardest to teach my teenagers and they know how much we save , I hope my eldest decides to join SC too soon, lol
  16. oh good just checking
    yes i think she is young too she seems very sweet and seems to have settled in on sc very nicely
  17. Of course I just think she is cute and was trying to figure out how old she was, she looks like she's about my daughters age (17) I had no idea she was your daughter, lol..
  18. yes she is is everything ok?
  19. thanks for the rep have a great dasy
  20. woot woot go habs go
    thanks for the rep
  21. LOL thanks for the rep
  22. Thanks for the rep
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