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  1. Good find on the pasta! Will have to get out tonight and grab some. You find more good deals around the Sault then I do and you are an hour away haha
  2. Pasta @ Liquidation world on 2/$1 white and whol wheat.
  3. Agreed! I live in Thessalon, so usally when I go to the Sault I hit up most of the stores and make a day of it. I will keep you posted on any other good deals also the smartsource came out in the Sault Star today just incase you were waiting til Saturday to pick up a paper
    Happy Shopping
  4. thanks for the message little_orch. will have to look into that. finally someone in the Sault who likes looking for deals as well.
  5. Just to let you know, Romes has 4 pack olay bar soap on sale for 50% off. Reg 5.99 so if you have any of the $5 WUB2 or $2 WUB1 coupns left you can get them for super cheap
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