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  1. ooh remodeling rocks
  2. roflmao. just saw what U wrote on boo's page!
  3. that is one cute baby!
  4. i think i will! i don't have to cook. my friend is a newfie, so there will be a jiggs dinner with the turkey, corned beef, vegs, and like 6 kinds of pie!

    hope you have a great thanksgiving with your family too!
  5. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving sweetie, you deserve it!!
  6. you rock. my mom din't even want to go to my wedding. (some stupid grudge she had against my dad wouldn't attend anyone's wedding--she eventually came). it's nice when a family is close like that. you are going to be one busy grannie!
  7. yes they have the house as of Nov 24th, her fiance's family is from here too so it will be nice for everyone to have Benjamin around, and I will get to see him everyday. My other daughter is 18 and is thrilled to have her big sister move back to this area, especially next door and she adores her nephew. It will be a great Christmas. They are getting married next Sept so we will be busy doing wedding stuff too. I am very happy!
  8. omg! that is like so awesome! i guess you must be excited! it's next month? i am so happy for you! you'll get to see your family all the time. wonderful! what a nice xmas that's going to be
  9. I love being at home, I have many interests cooking, reading, crafts, gardening and of course my computer lol. I never get bored. would like to have my own business that I can basically run from home so I spend a lot of time going over ideas. I'm lucky because I can always count on my pension as a back up.
  10. early retirement, that's awesome!

    my brother worked for the gov't and took his too. he decided after our dad passed on that he didn't need the money, why was he working and not enjoying life. so now him and his gf go on cruises etc.

    you could do that. or take up knitting it must seem strange tho somedays not going to work?

    my hubby just gave up his 2nd part-time job. yesterday was his last day worked..and all week he's been going on, well..they haven't found anyone yet, i might have to keep working blah blah. then he found out they didn't put him on the schedule, and he sounded disappointed.

    he hates quitting jobs. he's still going to be working 6 days a week, 8 hours/day. which is still too much!

    he'll just have to get use to being around us more.

    i'm having computer probs, my anti virus picked up a trojan. :9

    i is not happy. prog took care of it, but system is wonky. going to run a full system scan. bbl
  11. I worked for the ministry of community and social services in Ontario and got an early retirement package the end June so right now I am just enjoying myself and deciding what to do next.
  12. oh that'll be nice to have them during the week. you a sahg? (stay at home grannie?) or do ya work?
  13. very busy. it just flew by and my daughter and grandson arrived last night to visit for a couple of days
  14. good morning to you too. how was your weekend?
  15. that pic is adorable
  16. hope you have a good visit tommorrow!
  17. they were just here for a week and are coming back on Sunday for a couple of days so yes, I do and he is adorable
  18. well my weekend is certainly looking up.

    hows that new grandbaby??? do you get to see the little darling much?
  19. have a good weekend
  20. hi, I want to change my visitor page so I am just snooping around looking for ideas lol
  21. thanks, it's awesome and he is incredible!!
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