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  1. Thanks for the rep. Have a great day
  2. Are'nt we all. Thanks for the complement, it's nice to hear someone call me a hot mama
  3. lol your too hard on yourself lol
  4. It's amazing what lot's of make-up and a small picture can do for a person
  5. well hot mama you are wish I looked like that after 4 kids
  6. Thanks for the rep, and yes that is me
  7. Was just stuffing some envies, then was heading over to see if it's still boarding. I'll be there soon
  8. hey only 2 spots left on my train ; )
  9. Just a little friendly reminder, some days I could use one Have a great weekend.
  10. oh it is just posting link any way I see the logo do2learn that is it so there lol
  11. hey no picking on the old lady!!!! This is what I see
  12. Are your glasses on? I see it fine.
  13. I see no pic!!!lol
  14. I have to agree with that
  15. I think we are just both smart cookies lol
  16. You know where all the good trains are
  17. LOL. Have a great day. Off to fold laundry.
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