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  1. Thanks for the rep.
  2. Thanks, hope you have a good day.
  3. Good morning and thanks for the rep.
  4. Yippee to that!
  5. Thanks for the rep. Weekend is almost here.
  6. Thanks for the rep..
  7. Thanks..
  8. Thanks for the rep and have a great day.
  9. Thanks, yeah off to work tonight.
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the reps. Hope you have a great weekend...what's left of it.
  11. Lucky you.
  12. Well Im off now for the weekend.
  13. Sounds like this household. DH works afternoons...leaves here at 2:00 PM and I don't see him until 3:00 AM for about an hour... sleeps to 11:00 AM and starts all over again.
  14. Oh I hope so too,lol. Started out kinda rough. I work nights and went to bed at 1.30pm and woke up at 4pm, wow so restful.
  15. Thanks for the rep and hoping you have a great weekend.
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