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  1. Thanks for the rep and have a fantastic night!
  2. Glad the news was better than expected! Thanks for the rep!
  3. I'm glad you posted it too...especially since I will be paying off the LOC faster. Thanks for the rep and have a super day.
  4. I was hoping I would be lucky enough to get 2 also and it was a nice surprise when it came yesterday as I thought it was something else.
  5. I did and it was such a nice surprise. I had to do a double take and check my GCs to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
  6. Thanks for the rep, did you happen to get 2 GC's too?
  7. Glad to hear you got those coupons before they expired. Enjoy your eggs and thanks for the rating. Have a great night.
  8. No problem and thanks for the rep. Hope you get your GC traded soon.
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