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  2. Hope all is well with you Maggie! Just popping in to say HI!
  3. Belated Happy Birthday Maggie! Hope you had a wonderful day and all your wishes come true!
  4. Happy Halloween!! Be safe out there!
  5. Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes Maggie!
    Us Scorpios gotta stick together. My son has been home for reading week and it has been so nice to see him raiding the fridge again. Gonna miss him next week. I really know how you felt when your daughter got to come home. We can both look forward to Christmas break. That will seem way too far away though.
  6. Congrats on the win and Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio!!
  7. You too, gotta love that turkey high, Nikki is coming home from University by 4pm I will feel complete and content. Even for only a few days. Boy when they are gone a piece of your heart goes into shock!!!! But not today my heart is pounding!!!!!
  8. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  9. Thought of you today Maggie. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.
  10. The age is 13 and up and yes there is an age and height requirement. You can get it from the Edgewalk website. It is amazing and I will do it again!!! Well after skydiving....I highly recommend it. We were even treated to lunch of lobster in the thre revolving resturant!!!
    Also was given a bag full of keepsakes as I was the first person of the general public to step out. That was a wow factor...
  11. WOW!! Maggie those photos are AWESOME! My sister-in-law wants to do that with my niece. They keep talking about it. Is there a height/age restriction? BTW not for me. LOL. Scared to death of heights with open space! You are amazing!
  12. I can't rep you, it won't let me. But I wanted to say that those chipmunk pics are the CUTEST!!!! You shaking its paw!! PRICELESS!! So glad to hear your mouse is gone and you are safe to go in the garage again. Keep chippy in those peanuts and you got a permanent mouse guard. LOL. Have a wonderful day!
  13. I truly thought of you yesterday and was going to send you my best wishes and hope you were not suffering too. Sorry to hear you were and I am glad it's finally over. My son did not stop eating once he felt better. LOL. Every half hour, "I'm hungry" , music to my ears. It is nasty to suffer so badly. His older brother never gets headaches, like his Dad. But I suffered at a young age and it would come and go as the years passed. My husbands father and brother were just like my son. They said as soon as they hit puberty, it ended. I pray that is in my son's cards too.
  14. That was me exactily,, Right when I woke up. First thing hubbie said was UH OH You look like you are going to start getting sick...I felt fine at first hen no 10 min later I was sooo sick... Couldn't keep the medicine down, that was the worst part. Tell your son I hope he feels better. It's 8:25 now and I was finally able to eat...Oh gosh no more migraines please as they are sooo cruel..
    Give him a big hug for me!!!!!!
  15. Congrats on getting your beautiful photos on the Weather network! Funny how the Mom decided to re-locate. Glad to hear she and the babies are okay. Maybe she felt the storm coming and felt exposed to the elements. At least you got some amazing photos as a wonderful memory.
  16. I am going to try and take a pic every other day to show their progress. I can't believe the "mom" is so nice to me....She should be protecting but she is right outside my kithcen window and maybe used to my voice??

    I have never take a photo that cool!!! I sent it to the weather network...I hope it makes it in.
    I wish I new a site to post the 3 in sequence, mabe a contest or something???
    I' look around. Thanks for noticing!!!!!!
  17. OMG!! Maggie that is the MOST precious thing I have ever seen! Awesome photos! What a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing!
  18. Hey Maggie, love your pics of Roxy! What a beautiful kitty!
  19. Awesome pics Maggie! Thanks for sharing. I recognize you and Michelle but don't know the rest. Oh now I know Psells. Really looks like everyone had such a wonderful time. And yes, you should have punched him in the "ahems" he deserved no less. Take care!
  20. Sorry to hear about your Auzzie @ 16 years, that is a good life! Our Austin is 9 years old. I know it is hard to get another one but you do miss everything about them when they are not in your house. I have two monkeys of my own, one 18 and one 11 years old. Both boys. And yes, they are expensive!! LOL Thanks for the friend request. TTYL Edith
  21. Yes thats me alandmag. You are a fantastic photographer!!!!! I really miss taking my Auzzie Pheobee out for our playtime and photo ops. We lost her @ 16 yrs. Dec. 14, 2009. Not a day goes by that I don't miss our walks, cuddles and unconditional love.
    Thanks for the kids compliments, you can borrow them if you want??? They can get expensive. LOL
    Thursday we are going to dial our bums off, it's such fun however the outcome.
    I need to see more of you pics!!!! I loved them especially the Dog and other wildlife. WAY COOL
  22. Thank you so much for the compliments on my pics. Were you alandmag? Thanks for leaving a comment. Your children are so photogenic and adorable! You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday night. I am thinking WIN this week. One of us has to get a trip on Thursday and my money is on you! Go gettem girl!!
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