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  1. OMG I SEE HER!!hahaha..she just can't stay away from the camera!! they are attracted to each other!! LOL!! tooo cute!! is she outdoors in that picture? lol!!
    omg u make me want to get a kitty now!!
  2. , hahahaha! By the way, I just noticed she's in this picture! Can you spot her?
  3. lol!! sneeky! no wonder she didnt hear the 'BRUUNGG!' sound!! hahaha
  4. omg!! well doesnt she know that 'some restrictions apply'? hahaha poor cs people!!
  5. It wasn't bad at all! About 5% busier than usual, but the lines are always long anyway. Lol, there was a lady going beserk screaming at customer service because the tax free event didn't include tobacco!
  6. WOW!! a GC as well!! you guys are crazy!! but i bet the DH is loving how you save so much money!!!:D was RCSS really busy?
  7. Aw, what a small "dad" ;) He's so cute! LOL, there were a few boxes of baby wipes that I couldn't bring with me the first time so he told me to wait and we'd do groceries later in the evening! We ended up buying a bunch of groceries.. (yes groceries!) .. and..... well.. stuff *shuffles* and received a $25 gift card also! We are stocked on food for the next little while!
  8. LOL!! 'grocery' couldnt do it before you had to wait for DH LOL!!!i hope you pick up some amazing deals!!!
  9. thanks for the rep!!
  10. lol! that was a great phrase!! hehehe thanks!
  11. too cute!! mine is only 4 months old!
  12. He turned 6 in August.. our eldest kitty (in the photo with North) is 12!
  13. cuuuteee! how old?
  14. Very close, he's an Alaskan Malamute!
  15. ah!! that makes sense LOL!!
    puppy is a miniature schnauzer cross jack russell ...super energetic dog! is yours a...husky?
  16. Adorable puppy, what breed is he/she?
  17. Dear husband, lol I can't keep abbreviations straight either! Used to describe significant other or spouse by some!
  18. lol! np totally admire you!
    what exactly does DH stand for? i know it means hubby?
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