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  1. No - staying but just trying to expire the threads from the EPIC groups and tidy up
  2. are leaving smartcanucks??
  3. LOL - ack yes and I'm have swiss cheese for brains - so sorry to ask you again. I was going through all the groups and trying to say good bye and finish up loose ends.
  4. Is that not the coupon train that we discussed about in Dec.? for group 14.
    this was the message from you


    We'll end with you. Dancemommadance has not been on since Dec 8 so no more waiting for an answer there. Divya said no thanks.

    So keep them, RAOK them, coupon fairy them, share with your coupon buddies.
    So sorry you got a very late train but on the up side - no postage out of pocket for a sad sad train.

    ***if this is not the one them no I did not receive any thing since then.

  5. Hi - did you ever get the EPIC Couponers train from Deebuck?
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