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  1. So I found a DIFFERENT picnic table set at Maple Ridge store. It was $59.99 - 20% so no discount other than the liquidation one.
    Looked like this I think, it was folded flat and easy to carry.

    The one at Langley is way bigger box and doesn't look like it folds up like the one above.
    I peeked in the box and it looked like it needed to be put together and it may have come with an umbrella too.
    Box was really big. And that was the $47 one.

    I will have a look tomorrow because I think I will be in Naniamo. I also agree with your have a few drinks and play shoot the bear
    If you got that little vac and II dont find one we might have to work something out I have CHI to negotiate with.
  2. LMAO! That wasnt what I meant, hee hee BUT its a great idea as is the trip to Bellingham.
  3. Yes a support group. And we might as well start a weekly bus trip to Target Bellingham!
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