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  1. Awwe, thank you Memew. You sound like you would be a good friend too. Every day is a struggle no matter how nice or good you are. It is nice to meet people like yourself that recognize kindness and take the time to write a little note to say such kind words. Thank you Memew!! You are so sweet! Have a lovely day tomorow.
  2. Your posts show what a caring friend you are! I believe you will be blessed by your kindness and people who receive your advice, your positive comments and encouragement will highly appreciate them. Thank you for being such a great person. Have a good night!
  3. Thank you. A few tips learned along the way..I am certain Makayla will be great, sometimes we just need a little game to bring to the table and that little bit extra can be a game-changer. Nice to meet you MeMew and thank you for the REP and have a lovely weekend.
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