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  1. Hi my dear friend
    How are you? Thank you very much for remembering me. I have to skip P&P because I am too busy with my baby and only have time to mostly check deals. Hope that all our P&P friends are still doing great there!
  2. Wow-saw you online and thought I would say hi! Miss you on the P&P thread!
  3. Just stoppin' by to say hello and Happy New Year!
  4. Oh, I sure hope it gets easier for the both of you. Kids pick up other languages much better than us adults. Just have faith and do the best you can!

    I'm trying to get things on track around my household. I am in such a mess!! My problem is that I get on here to escape from all of it...Not such a good thing to do!!

    You take care and thanks for responding! No worries about responding back to this one OK?? Hope you have a good day!!~~~Dawn
  5. Hi RQ, I am so busy these days with my kid attending the pre-K. She does not know any English and it is a big trouble for her and a lot worries for myself. Still I am lurking around for a while to copy words but have not enough time to join the chat. Hope next week would be easier and more time available for myself. Thanks honey for your caring message. Send you a big hug!
  6. Haven't seen you around much, so just checkin' on you!
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