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  1. lol, yes I love when people make statements like that out of the blue that are designed to provoke others, then they cry that someone is mean? Oy! Anyways...glad you survived all the Christmas bs and nice to see you on here again! lol
  2. Happy NY to you and A Dontcha just hate stupid people who make assumptions? My guess is she wasn't always a serious trader herself and ended up screwing stuff up because she herself didn't have a TL so now she's mistrusting all that ones that don't. Ah well... 2011 for me means not dealing with stupid people!
  3. You're alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  4. Blank Rep = "I'm using you to get out of rep jail so I can rep someone else"
  5. hahaha I love it!
  6. I still can't believe I have to look at this Bieber thing on my wall LOL
  7. I should report you for Vandalizing my page!
  8. Happy Bday LLT! Here's a lil sumfin sumfin for the hangover

  9. Day late and a buck short BUT Happy Belated TG I hope you had a great day!
  10. OMG Are you SERIOUS?!? haha I need to rethink my career! I'm "off" enough to fit right in *you too* and that's a COMPLIMENT my dear!
  11. haha, apparently those are interview questions for those applying to work at Google!
  12. The weather's crap and the mood was blah and then I read your Qs to KK7. Made me laugh
  13. lol, thanks so much for the effin rep!! Hope your having a great weekend
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