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  1. I don't feel obliged I just went skanking all weekend and found a LOT of good stuff so I'm going thru wishies to see who I can share it with. It's a coincidence is all
  2. Don't feel you have to send something.My wish list is rare stuff so no biggie if you don't have anything.It was a ROAK
  3. That's AWESOME! I can't say anything... I have 38 Secret Deodorants in my closet hahahah. I go through MAYBE 1 every 2-3mo. They're good for MAYBE 2 years so I'll keep 10 (you always lose one or 2 or drop one on the floor LOL) and donate the rest. I still have some of those P&G coups exp this weekend. I've been hoping to get the Bodywash! I have no BW coups to add to it though so unless they go for close to $3, I ain't bothering LOL. More deodorant for FREE!
  4. 66 Shakers for free!! Who could pass that up???!!!
  5. I don't recognize the username but uhm... could be another name for youknowwho LOL. She PMd me and I basically just replied, "Thanks but I dont want to trade with you" and she busted out her getto ENglish.. Wut I do ta yu? LOL I cna't deal with her and her flyer scams wanting GCs for crap she steals from people's newspapers.
  6. I need your address
  7. Thanks for the rep and the comment
  8. Day late but thank you LOL I hope you had a GREAT Turkey Day with lots of left overs!

    I love Sesame Street and I've never liked Big Bird LOL This is PRICELESS to me!
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