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  1. BEST.CHRISTMAS.GREETING.EVER!!!! Merry xmas love Hope Santa brought you lots of Skanky gifts!
  2. I JUST saw the rep. BWAHAHAHAHAHA No wonder she's started to panic.
  3. lol well you fixed it now right? I didnt even click on your list, Anne said it was broken (which means she was spying on your list)
  4. lol I know I keep screwing it up. I talk to myself, I write to myself... I have issues LOL

    What's wrong with my WL? UGH WuddIDoNow
  5. I love how you write on your own wall
    fix your wishlist link before I send you a life size bieber poster
  6. swagbucks thread? lol good god, I'm such a newbie in training
  7. yeah I dont post in there much, I get more from the swagbucks thread anyway
  8. lol it'll come in time. I don't like to post in the rep day thread too much, I feel like I'm prostituting myself for reps HAHAHA
  9. LOL I worried about sending them to some of the people with kids, I can just imagine mommy why are you a skank'' really loud in the grocery store
  10. *happy dance* Thank you Thank you Thank you. Those buttons rOck! Oh how I hope we go Skanking this weekend... you KNOW We're wearing them. I'll get a pic of us wearing them ROFL
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