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  1. Got your email! Thanks! will reply later when I have more time! gotta get ready for work!
  2. Sent you an email.
  3. Yes I did read about your car accident on fb! ouch, and how scary! How are you feeling now?
  4. Hey you back. Did you read about my poor car and the accident on FB?
  5. Happy Halloween Aussie - BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  6. Demo lady - droool - smells of samples - haha. That is good that you got something closer. And the cold - sigh...... I am "friends" with Blue Mountains on Facebook, and they keep posting these wonderful pictures of scenery.... sigh. Are you on FB?
  7. Hey you!!!! whats new with you??? yes long time no talk!
    Nothing exciting here... I did get a new job though! same company, but they are building a new store only 2.5kms from home, and I got a transfer! Im going to be a demo lady! LOL. brrrr its cold here today!
  8. Aussieeeeeeeeeee hellooooooooooooo long time no talk babeh!!! What's up??
  9. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. LOL well its too late, I already added the amazon GC to my account, so poor cabmonk is out of luck!!! and Im now up to $168 in my account! waiting impatiently for Glee season 2 to come out, and not sure what else to buy...
  11. Thanks for the rep aussie. And yes, we both are soooooo rich now Is cabmonk giving you a hard time there?? Bad cabmonk - cough up!!!! Just kidding Cab!
  12. A fine weekend we are having. Its nice and sunny, but the winds, oh the winds. Expecting gusts of 70 km an hour today - whee - time to get me ol' broomstick out matey - heeeee heeeee heeeee
  13. Hi Aussie - re the Easter card exchange, avoncallingu said we could give out positive trade ratings for that, so if you wanted to you could give me one. Also it seems that we can do that for ROAKs.... Great idea eh? xo M
  14. Wow - its 12:04am already here so you must be off in dreamland - socks kicked off and such. Happy zzzzzzzzing aussie!
  15. Yes I love the socks!!! so soft!!! its not quite warm enough for me to sleep without socks on just yet.... I usually kick them off in the middle of the night... LOL you can tell Im not Canadian-ised yet!!
    Yes I was on your profile page, and it said "befriend mhk" I was thinking why am I not friends with you already? lol

    Have a great day!!! Your new SC friend Aussie.
  16. ohhh - glad you got the package and liked the socks and stickers! Yes - really funny that I got you - but I was so excited that I did! Are those socks not cool? My sis got them for you actually - and got me a pair too, and mailed off the package to you. Also I am happy we are now SC official "friends" goodnight friend
  17. Hey you!!! sorry I didnt reply to your message earlier!
    I got your easter package today!!! how funny you got me! I love the socks and stickers! and the perfume samples Thank you so much! okay its time for bed! Hope you had a lovely weekend!
  18. Hi Aussie! Thanks for the rep! Long time no talk!! How have you been?
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