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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours mhk!
  2. Omigod!!!! The puppy you sent me looks just like my Golden Retriever Aussie when he was a puppy!!!!! Thanks so much!! How do you like this daylight savings thing? I don't - gets dark too early in the day!!
  3. Happy Halloween Dee - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  4. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Didn't know Elvis was in Alberta Have a great weekend mhk!
  6. No fring for me. But I did go to an Elvis Festival out by Busby - it was great!!!!
  7. Hi mhk
    Well, even though it seemed like we've had pretty crappy weather and the skeeters drove me nuts, as someone doesn't have AC and tries not to use it in the car, I'm glad it hasn't been insanely hot. I usually suffer for about a week in August. Mostly enjoying walks, parks, picnics/BBQs
    How about you? Did you go to the Fringe?
  8. Hi Dee - enjoying the first few days of summer we've been having?
  9. Thanks for the rep mhk It's next month.
  10. Ha ha - especially turning into a get off my lawn and take your pee-ing dog with you type of gal I cant believe how many people let their dogs piddle on someone else's lawn - ick. and in winter the snow turns all "lemonade-ey" Have a great week Dee
  11. Oh my, I'm drooling all over myself lol. I love bubble tea, I'm hooked on the green tea flavour! And yup, being an oldie definitely has it's perks doesn't it? Though I'm worried I'm turning into a 'get off my lawn!' old broad sometimes haha.
    Anything exciting? no. I think we'll be skipping Heritage Days too. Taking some time off in September hopefully. Hopefully. Visit family, a few road trips, enjoy nature Summer is too short, can't believe August around the corner.
    Anyway hope you have a good weekend, noshing on more yummy food!
  12. Well on Sunday - Quail, beef souvlaki, young coconut (water and then scraped the meat out with a spoon) salty chicken strips (veggie soy protein), chicken souvlaki, naan and curry, mango bubble milk, chocolate shot thingie, steak bites lemonade, BURP. Yesterday - some of the same stuff, plus chicken souvlaki and salad from That`s Aroma, rice and chicken thing with sesame sauce from Japanese village etc. I am broke now, so.......... I don`t know if I am going to Heritage Days. We had not been to Capital Ex since when the kids were little, and wanted to go this year, but its too crowded for my liking there, so we went to Taste, and then again. Its great when you are old!!! Like me!!!! haha - no worrying about kids, diapers, cooking at home etc... sometimes at least!! Have you been anywhere exciting this yearÉ
  13. OOOooo what'd you have?
  14. Taste of Edmonton was so yummy!!!
  15. I think food tastes better outside because in our hearts we are still like the Flintstones and like cooking and eating outdoors....
  16. Yesterday we just went to a local little festival where they were supposed to have hot air balloon rides but they cancelled. Grrr oh well, still nice to get out and got my vitD . I swear I could feel my bones strengthening lol. Went out again later in the evening for a nice walk too.
    I've lived here for about 10 years now but have never been to Klondike/Capital X. Everyone tells me I need to go at least once but just no desire at all. Went to Taste of Edmonton a few times and is fun but yeah kinda expensive. Still a cool way to try some new foods though. Why does food taste better outside?
  17. I did get out Dee - thought we would go to the Capital Ex. Havent been since it was Klondyke days years and years ago when the kids were wee ones. The lineup of cars and people was horrendous, and it gave me a headache just to think what it would have been like inside, so we hightailed it out of there. Went to Taste Of Edmonton instead. It was great!!!! Expensive though! But great - got some vitamin D going there. What did you do for Vitamin D, Dee?
  18. Hiya mhk, hope you got out today. It was gorgeous, lovely sun *ahhh sun, I've missed you! AND no mosquitoes haha.
    Have a great week
  19. Yes, just a liiiitttel cool - grr! Where's me summer I say!! I have to take a hot water bottle to bed!!
  20. back at ya!!
  21. Hi Dee ol' buddy, ol' pal! Thanks for the rep! Hugs sent your way!
  22. *sigh* let's keep hoping the good guys keep outnumbering the bad guys
  23. Sigh you are right! Its just like working for the government too. The minute you think you have your job down, they bring in changes, and there is always the troublemakers........... I am not altogether a very seasoned SCer, but I have noticed that there has been a huge influx of newcomers with the advent of the "extreme couponing" show, and things are really going bad for some of us people who were doing the slow and steady and not greedy couponing. I am just hoping that stores dont altogether stop taking them.... and yes, she was punished for being nice. Like I said - just like working for the government. Yes, I do work for the government haha
  24. Hi mhk, thanks for the rep . I know! I'm a little upset over this; she did share a little about what has gone on. Guess there's always a rotten (worm infested haters lol) apple in a bunch...
    Hope you have a good week, well, as good as can be expected with all this rain eh? Saturday is supposed to be nice, hope so
  25. True, guess I'm thinking 'ahh... better a nice rain than snow' these days. Not sure why, but this last winter made me quite cranky! so I'm ever so grateful to have bare feet and no jacket on

    Yeah, Boston roared back didn't they? I actually guessed Vancouver in 5 but now they got me wondering. Still, I can't help feeling the Bruins are going to tucker out quicker. That means more penalties. That means special teams, and I think Canucks are better. I just rooting for certain players really and enjoying the games
  26. What summer Dee? I am getting rather cranky with this lovely weather now! Mind you, we do need some rain..... sigh!

    Also, Vancouver better win - OR ELSE - grr!
  27. Hi back and thanks for the nice rep. Yeah, been a little busy lately and also trying to enjoy our short summer lol. Hope all is well with you?
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