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  1. Nuts are dem! haha
  2. Thanks for the positive trade rating
  3. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Aww - Thanks Pennywise! You are a darling!!!
  5. Since you've been so busy with your Mum, you probably haven't had much time to search out coupons. Let me know if there's anything you need - no trade necessary... I can always leave them @ the depot
  6. All is well. A marathon? Well done! You must be a pretty active young lady! No Thrift Store - not worth the effort, and I am so busy with my Mum. Can't leave her to be by herself, so not much time for me during the weekdays. We open the bottle depot on Sundays now, - 11am - 4:45pm and Sundays are usually my days to go there. Its actually a good getaway for me. Take care Mehr
  7. Busy, busy, busy! Spent the summer training for the Edm marathon & getting the yard ready for topsoiling... so much more to do! How about you? How's your Mom? And did you end up forging ahead with the thrift store?
  8. Hello Pennywise - long time no hear What's up?
  9. Thanks - we are so happy to finally be able to settle down permanently! Hope you had a nice summer... it feels like it is over already!
  10. Left an envelope for you at the depot & just did a trade rating. Thanks a bunch! I've been there before - one of the fellas is pretty good @ flipping bottles like a bartender!
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