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  1. Ok so i went a looking again.. the Sobeys is full of interesting NEW coupons..
  2. Great I am so glad I finally get to meet ya
  3. I will be there!!! =)
  4. yes hunny ... I was saying that last night... I wish you were there... it was funny ... and nice to actually have a face to the name does 7;30 work for you?
  5. Monday Monday Monday!!!! Please please please.....
  6. hmm I take it would be easier next monday? i was going to set it up for tonight...
  7. This tomorrow ....crap please say next Monday ....PLEASE say next Monday!!!
  8. well happy aniversary & happy bday I am going to try and set something up on monday night .. meet up for coffee... CCS & Ellenmop are up for it..what about you?
  9. well how cute r u to notice....just been very birthday...hubbys birthday...our anniversary....u know how it goes...i am thinking it is called life... i am still on here just very quickley looking then off to do stuff again...havent been shopping lately either
  10. hey just wanted to check in on... very quiet you are of late... hope all s ok?????? just me
  11. lol they grow so quick Well anything i see I will let everyone know
  12. Always looking for something local...that was real little niece she is 5...always checking out the clothes she is growing fast!
  13. Hey Glad to hear that my little post is helping someone btw they also had a bogo 1/2 off event on kids clothes just in case you have little ones
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