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  1. Just wanted to drop by and thank you again for your advice on LD locations and stacks. I have been going to Delta and King George and will try Guilford. I had some success stacking this month so will try to post some info and photos of my January shops tonight. Help from veterans like you are why I have been so successful

    (Ps. Never took the class but have been considering hosting one for all my friends).
  2. Thanks Tink! I might take you up on your offer re stacking advice since I have 25+ p&g inserts to use up by the end of March. One question-which LD do you frequent? I have had little success at the Scott rd location.. Stock is always low and staff seems less than impressed with coupons.
  3. Welcome to SC! I am in Delta as well. I do a ton of stacking so if you ever have any questions you can ask me!
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