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  1. Hey Chicklet
    Thx so much for the rep
    you da best!!
  2. Damn girl thanks for the Angel (faints)
  3. Thank you so much for the rep.
    And to show my deepest appreciation, here is an angel to watch over you
  4. Thx for the rep Mo
    nice way to kickstart the day!!!
  5. Hey Mo
    didn't get a chance to say hi today so Hi
    hope you had a good one. Talk to you soon
  6. i like that saying you posted to me i just cant believe folks are offended Dear Lord some people just need to about something, i say let it be u dont have to look if you dont like it ty again!
  7. Babette it takes alot more then those pics to offend me its all good girly!! so no worries
  8. I sent this to Roxxy as well
    I am afraid to post on the Q thread!!!
    wouldn't want to offend anyone!!
    but this is how I feel
  9. Glad u like the pics and are not offended!!!
  10. Babette !!! nice pics Girl!!
  11. yumma, yumma where's the fire!!
    Have a great week-end
  12. lol
    I know all about the cheese
    my dog can sniff it out and knows the sound of any cheese wrapper!!
  13. Awwwee ty she is special Hubby is allergic to just about any animal but not pigs lol we got her when she was 5 weeks old 7 pounds shes 2 now and 150 pounds but she is our little baby and SMART!! lol we have to spell cheese around her
  14. well she is absolutely beautiful and I think you are very lucky to have her and she is lucky to have you
  15. Her Name Is Pricilla thank you
  16. Love the pig
    what is it's name???
  17. yup i really have a pig, i have Pigtures of her
  18. Hey Mo
    do you really have a pot bellied pig???
    soooo very very cute
  19. lol ty ty ty!!!
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