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  1. sorry about that!! I didn't have a chance to open it til last night...thanks again!! I love the picture frame too!! We are looking for a couple of photos to put in it now, and it will have a new home on the fireplace in my studio!! Thanks so much!!
  2. Ok, good I was so scared CP was telling me the deliever it when they didn't.
  3. YES!!!! THANK YOU!! My dh picked it up for me, and I just opened it last night! Thank you!! Thank you!! It is awesome! I love the book you chose too! I can't wait to read it! I love the card too - and all of the other items too! (I love chocolate!!!LOL!)
    I will post in the thread right away!! (and lve you feedback too!)
    Thanks again!!
  4. Just wondering if you have gotten anything in the mail in the past couple days.... CP says you have but I know not to put too much faith in them.
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