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  1. Thanks Hicks.
  2. Thank you hon.
    I'm sorry others are just 'using you'. That's just so wrong.
    I sincerely do wish you success in your business though. You go girl.
  3. Thanks Hicks. I had to move to Facebook because I need business. I'm afraid SC'ers would just pump me for info, then use someone else. . . I have no problems posting advice and helping people out. . .if just ONCE in a blue moon, I would get some business. . . But not to be.... Of course, I'm always here for you if you need advice anytime. [email protected]
  4. Me too. It hit 24 today.
  5. Thanks Hicks. I hope your weekend was warm and sunny like mine. I was beside myself happy for that warm sunshine!!
  6. Thanks Hicks. I DID enjoy the mild weather. Back to cold again. Oh well! Spring's around the corner! Have a great week!
  7. Yes, surprisingly. They were such underdogs.

    I hope you have a great day.
  8. Did your team win Hicks?
  9. Awe, thank you. You're so sweet.
  10. Hicks. . . you are just too darn nice, you know that?!!
  11. Thanks Hicks. I hope your week is a good one. You deserve it!
  12. You've been sick for awhile now. I hope you can kick it soon. Feel better soon. Yes, I'm so happy we've had warmer weather, and NO SNOW.
  13. You too Hicks! I'm still sniffling and coughing but am looking forward to another mild week of weather. Gotta look on the bright side, right?
    Hope you have a "comfortable" weekend.
  14. But it's WARM!!!
  15. lol - worst I did, when work was overwhelming, was wear two different shoes, one black, & one blue. I'd gotten dressed in the dark. So embarrassed.
  16. Thanks so much Hicks. Was a crazy busy day. I actually left the house with my hard sole slippers on if you can believe it!! I am in serious La La land this week!
  17. Wasn't it an AMAZING weekend?! Hope you enjoyed it!!
  18. Thanks Hicks. Hope you have a lovely long weekend!!
  19. ​Better, thanks, but still a ways to go yet.
  20. Awwww. . . . Poor baby! Is he ok now??
  21. ​Unfortunately no, had to stay close to home. My puppy isn't well, & couldn't leave him, but it sure was nice.
  22. It WAS a Beautiful weekend! Did you catch some sun?. . .maybe by the water? . . Thx. for rep!
  23. You're spoiling me . . ! Lol
  24. Thanks Hicks. It was awesome! Like getting together with 5000 of your family. Lol!
  25. Have a fantastic time !! Enjoy every minute.
  26. Thanks Hicks.Having an awesome weekend! AT a JW convention in Kitchener. Highlight of my year.
  27. Thnks for rep. Summer's finally here!!
  28. Thanks for rep!
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