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  1. Thanks Sis!
  2. Hugs sister <3
  3. Between the 2 cong.'s we had about 280. Lots of studies. Very nice.
  4. It was wonderful. We had it at the assembly hall and there were quite a few that were there for the first time How was yours?
  5. Thanks Harbie. How was your Mem. monday?
  6. I really did feel bad for posting it .........for a split second lol
  7. Lol! Apology accepted.
  8. Hey Harbie! WHat's shakin' at your end of the country? Talked to a Broker in BC today and he said your weather was almost exactly the same as us. . .1 degree difference!
  9. Thanks for like Harbie. U stay STRONG!
  10. Thanks for the sympathy Harbie. My friends and family are sympathetic but I'm one of "those" people that connect to my dogs in a mother/child kind of way that most people can't conceive of. It's just going to take time. . a long time. Heck! I still grieve my first dog.
    Thanks again.
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