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  1. oh wow.. congrats on the 18 lbs.. my goal is 15, i'd like to see 120something..
    some 22 years ago, after having my daughter..I had to loose 30ish.. i ended up loosing 40, down to 106, but that was to thin for my muscle mass.. and again.. a long time ago, so it won't be that easy this time.. but I'll keep trying
  2. That's what I'm doing myself, lost 18lbs so far (2 months). Up 5 days a week at 3:45am and off to the gym for an hour, then go to work to 6pm. I'm trying to stay within the WW diet, but I do cheat now and then. Have fun at it or its not worth doing is my motto.....
  3. thank you for the rep.. it has been a few years since I tried to loose my excess, but the diet with excersise has never failed me yet.. but you never know how it will work as we get older.
  4. A double hump rep.. thank you so much
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