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  1. Yes, I did under shoppers drug mart section I believe. I got Pantene with bonus hair spray and $1 off coupon peelie it was on for $2.97 and I had $2 off coupon x3 and than I used $1 off for the rest of them and saved over $70 and paid about 15$ for all and plus I got milk as well on manager's special. It was sweet deal. Pantene is so expensive I was so happy to have found that deal.

    Anything you found lately? Rexall I havent been there in a while. Well since I got sick really. Should make a trip there in a few days.
  2. Oh good to hear!! If I still have none in a few days, I'll know where to go. Thx! Did you post a brag about Friday's shopping? I don't read much anymore, but if I recognize someone... I check it out, lol.
  3. Oh I am waaaay better, so better that I went shopping on Friday ahahah ... at work right now but soon going home. I got 2 P&G inserts and 1 SmartSource but I am going to meet with another person from here in Calgary who has lots of both, I can maybe bring you some if you'd like
  4. I'm okay. You? Uhm, I think I did one more walk--did a brag last week tho. Won't have a chance for the next while with my work schedule. Ah well, lol. But you gotta get out there... before it gets too cold, lol. If anything, definetly make a start in the Spring! And nothing for P&G--haven't even tried. Come what may, lol.
  5. How are you? Any more recycling walks? I still havent done one... .... I wish I can find more P&G inserts, did you get yours yesterday? I checked all newspapers today and none have any inserts.
  6. Hey. Thanks! Happy Halloween to you too!!!
  7. Hey you... Happy Halloween
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