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  1. Happy Halloween!!!

  2. It is for me but you have to get a form filled out by your doctor first ($40.00), then mail it out to the government and sit back and wait for their decision. Now things will be better for us come income tax time. If you need more info I may be able to help you out. Thanks for the rep boost.
  3. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day.
  4. Here's hoping you have a very Merry Christmas & all the best in 2012.
  5. Happy Halloween.
  6. Happy Valentine's Day
  7. Hi J,
    Are you getting stormy weather there tonight or are you too far south?
  8. Have a great day, J.
  9. Hope you have an awesome long weekend.
  10. Hi, welcome to SC. Just wanted to say thank you for the Fall Exchange Card, letter and lotto ticket. I enjoyed your letter very much. BTW, I'm rich, I'm rich! LOL (didn't win). Anyways, not quite sure what you mean by MSN, I have hotmail and I am not computer literate by any means. Hope you have a great night and hope to hear from you again.
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