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  1. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  2. lol HG, I'll hold up a sign that says.... "Stewy, for the Love of the Leafs.... don't watch!!!" lolol
  3. happy birthday, cassie!

  4. happy new year!

    health and peace to you and yours!

  5. that's a cutie patootie you have as your avi!
    first day of kindergarten, eh?
  6. oh god, i hope so
  7. no computer!?!
    that really sucks!
    glad to see you're still around
  8. been at home, suffering without a computer!!!!

  9. happy st patrick's day! hope you find your pot of gold!
  10. love the new do!
  11. i can't figure out how to upload a file to msg so i posted the pic on the q thread.
    HO ho hardy HO!
  12. awww!
  13. pic didn't show
  14. does that count as karaoke?

    ho ho ho! merry christmas
  15. that's good! glad they won't go to waste
    too bad *you* can't go though!
  16. Finally found someone who wanted them, a co worker
  17. did anyone ever take you up on your offer?
  18. I know, eh?? After all the talk a couple weeks ago and links people posted, you'd think someone would take at least a little hop towards free passes!
  19. happy thanksgiving!

  20. i'm hoping for the beatles prize pack.... actually i'd be happy with just the beatles collection set!
    good luck to you and the u2 contest!
  21. yes, thank you are you having a good day?? I'm sure you'll be better once Q calls you to tell you you've won the U2 contest!! me too
  22. Thanks HG! You too and I hope you have a great weekend (long weekend)
  23. hey mouse! try not to take it to heart, it's not worth it.
    this little fiasco will blow over soon enough.
  24. me too HG, I really like it here, but it's become apparant that I've upset some people (without intention). And me being the extremely sensitive person I am (I'm practically in tears right now) am taking alot of this personally. Thanks for all your kind words and reps
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