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  1. Hi there, Cassandra. I am Well. Stupid-Busy, but Well.
    It is Nice to see You Back again!!!!
    I Hope that You and the Family are also Well.
  2. Hi Wolfie♥ Hope you are doing well!!!!!!!
  3. Happy Valentine's Day...

  4. Oh... I almost choked when I thought of where that golf ball would be!! I thought he was going to lay it like an egg.
  5. ok, so was it really cool or are you just saying it was?? lol
  6. I am SOOO Sorry that you missed the Q-Call!!!!
    Think of this, though: look at the "spins" ~ Would you have gone bust too?
    Missing the Call is as bad as going Bust, but, there is at least the chance that they will call you again. Not so by going Bust.
  7. You are very welcome. Do you have anything planned for your Birthday? Besides watching Canada beat the USA for Gold, that is.
  8. Thanks
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