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  1. Sounds like me or should I not admit that.
  2. boo..
  3. Lol.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Sorry my internet has been down for 2 days until tonight.
  5. Thanks for the rep. Almost all my family here is either teacher or retired teacher.
  6. Thanks, have a good week ahead.
  7. Thanks, have a good Sunday.
  8. Thanks for the rep.
  9. Hope you've been having a good weekend.
  10. Thanks for the rep. Hope your Sunday is a good one.
  11. Have a good day.
  12. I prefer July lol.
  13. Should be good. I have more pizza dough no more cheese lol.
  14. Enjoy your week.
  15. Thanks for the rep. Have a good Sunday.
  16. It's time for sure.

    Have a good week.
  17. Thank you so much..
  18. Thanks, sorry I have a bit of a cold.
  19. Thanks, back to work tomorrow for another week.
  20. Thanks for the rep! Have a FAB week!
  21. Happy new year, have a good weekend.
  22. Thanks for the rep. Hope you have a good new year
  23. Merry Christmas to you and family. I hope it was a good one.
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