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  1. Have a good day.
  2. Happy Easter to you. Hope things were good today.
  3. Thanks I'm definitely getting there. Trying to workout 4-5 days a week. Hope you have a good restful night.
  4. Thank you for the Christmas greeting. Hope you have a good Christmas. 🎅
  5. Good today except my sore back. Hope you are doing well.
  6. Hope you are having a good day.
  7. Especially here in Timmins lol. Thanks for the rep.
  8. Thanks, Happy St Patrick's Day to you. Have a good weekend.
  9. I try to be of value or in the very least not screw out people over. Or make sure I don't do things that make life hard for others for no reason.

  10. Thanks for the rep, have a good week.
  11. Have a good week ahead.
  12. Thanks so much for the rep. Hope your week ahead is good.
  13. Thanks and I hope you and your family have a much better 2018.
  14. Hope you have a good Christmas and happy New year.
  15. Thanks, have a good week.
  16. Yeah weekends never last long enough.
    Really hope everything is good for you this week.
  17. Thanks for the nice rep.
  18. Thanks for the rep.. Underwear, who needs underwear. Actually never mind lol.
    Have a good week.
  19. Thanks for the nice rep. Have a good week.
  20. Thanks for the rep, hope you're doing well.
  21. Thanks, hope you have a good sunday too.
  22. Thanks for repping me this week; have a great Sunday!
  23. Thanks​ for the rep. Have a good day.
  24. Sounds good, thanks for the rep. Good thing fairly steady temps are finally here.
  25. Thanks for the rep. At least it's raining here and not snowing like it often does for the long weekend.
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